Day 5, painting 3, Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State inspired by and @usinterior.I was able to get some more work done on the Milky Way when I was at the coast. It is SO easy to get lost in all the layers. Have you ever stared at the Milky Way before? It was like that time I experienced fractals when drawing a fern. Amazing! Fun Fact: though the park is world-renowned for its elaborate wildflower displays, the vegetation of Mount Rainier National Park is remarkably diverse. Climate and elevation vary greatly in the park, creating a wide range of habitats supporting an extensive number of plant species. There are over 890 vascular species and more than 260 non-vascular plant species and fungi in the park. There are more than 100 exotic plant species, especially along transportation corridors, near trails, and in riparian areas. #nps100 @nationalparkservice #mountrainier #nationalpark #findyourpark #goparks #rebeccashapiroart #wip #workinprogress #watercolor #funfact #FYPyes #washington  #pnwonderland #pnw #milkyway #stars