I've been watching this for a couple days now and I encourage you to sign the petition. Link and more info below. #Repost @rosemarybrushes with @repostapp.・・・I'm really sad to hear that @instagram are planning on changing their scroll platform from chronological to a popularity based system.One of the main reasons I love Instagram so much is its ability to show me EVERYONE'S work. I love seeing how you folks are improving, what you're working on, and so on. It doesn't matter to me if you have 10 likes, or 10,000 likes, I still enjoy looking. Even the smallest voices should be heard. Perhaps an opt in/out option should be made available? I try and comment on as much art on here as I can, but there's so many of you! If you agree with me, sign the petition to #KeepInstagramChronological – you can find more information out on @mabgraves 's profile. This image is a piece of Mab's too. I hope Mab won't mind me sharing.The petition page: www.change.org/p/keep-instagram-chronological