Someone walked in my house and bought this little seedling painting off the wall. It always surprises me what people like and why. In this case the person loved the scale and color. Seriously…I could chat scale all day. How do you make a small piece feel big? I've always been drawn to the other worlds to be discovered in miniatures. Why do large pieces get so much attention? I've made pieces 40 feet wide and the sheer size is impressive but you also have to make sure that the piece isn't relying only on its size. Just like a good story the content of the piece has to be strong. How come the way a piece feels really does depend on its scale? You can take a high res scan/photo of something small, blow it up and it will feel completely different. All good questions for a Tuesday. #art #scale #miniature #painting #encaustic #beeswax #pdx #pdxart #portland #portlandart #conversationsinart