This little 12×12" piece went to a new home. It's from a series I was working on last fall about memory. How memories shape the stories that we tell about ourselves. How we edit memories and exploring why some pieces stick and others drift out of our storyline. It's kind of ironic that I was on my way to hang the show and was rear ended at a crosswalk, my car totaled. It didn't do nice things to my body including a concussion that randomly affects my short term memory (which is totally annoying). This past year has been a bit of a blur. Some things stand out while other things haven't stuck at all (but have for other people because they remember).I've been pulling these out and uploading to @saatchiart and thinking again about memory…especially now that I'm missing pieces of my own and the impact it has on my story now. Curious thoughts on hump day…#encaustic #memory #stories #pdx #pdxart #portland #portlandart #beyondthestory #humpday #wednesday #painting