Treasures from today's walk on Powell Butte. Bear cracks me up in the car. He pushes his snout so hard against the window that his nose whistles behind me while I'm driving. It must be the doggy version of "are we there yet?" For the past three weeks I've managed to get out and snap some photos which helps satisfy a smidge of my creative urges but I haven't been able to paint which makes me sad. I feel badly that I haven't been able to finish the last set of paintings inspired by @lynseydiva and I'm still dealing with visual stuff from a concussion 18 months ago and recent changes in my glasses prescription have left me with awful headaches. Plus trying to adjust to blue lenses while being a colorist is particularly frustrating. I was thinking I may need to return to black and white for a while. Fingers crossed that this will be resolved soon. I miss painting and connecting with everybody. Hope all is well with you all! #powellbutte #dogwalk #glasses #snail #mushrooms