A little Stanley Kunitz to get Saturday morning jump started. Today feels officially wintery with the cold wind and a whole lotta sunshine. I like to open a book and see what presents itself for the day. I was pleased that The Mulch (The Wild Braid) was so fitting. Fallow times are just as important as growing times. I keep getting reminders and reassurances about this as I try to remain patient with my own art and what’s next. Patience has never been my forte. There’s a meme about Mondays that says: “Do sharks complain about Monday? NO. they’re up early. Biting stuff, chasing shit, being scary – reminding everyone why they’re a fucking shark.” While I try not to run around biting stuff and being scary I do like to get shit done. This waiting to uncover what’s next in my work is tough. Part of the artistic path, I suppose. …#saturdaymornings #stanleykunitz #poetryweekend #thoughtfulthoughts #studiolife #patienceisabitch #sharklife #thewildbraid #mulch #artistsprocess