Day 1, painting #2, Joshua Tree, California inspired by @usinterior. The next piece I’m going to paint in celebration of the National Park’s Centennial is Joshua Tree. I have never been to Joshua Tree but the iconic Yucca brevifolia (aka a Joshua tree) and the ah-mazing rock formations that look like the stones have been folded and poured is definitely on my list of must sees.Because this painting is a night scene and only rocks, a pic of the drawing on its own makes no sense so this is a shot of my setup as I refer to the source photo and sketch out this alien landscape. This will definitely be a doozie of a puzzle. But, for those who have been following me a while, I've been wanting to tackle some atmosphere (what better than the Milky Way?) and I can't resist fascinating rocks.Fun Fact: Humans have occupied the area encompassed by Joshua Tree National Park's nearly 800,000 acres for at least 5,000 years. The first group known to inhabit the area was the Pinto Culture, followed by the Serrano, the Chemehuevi, and the Cahuilla.#nps100 #centennial @nationalparkservice @joshuatreenps #nationalparks #findyourpark #goparks #rebeccashapiroart #wip #workinprogress #pencil #ipad #funfact #FYPyes #joshuatree