“Footprints on the Moon” unexpectedly arrived yesterday (as in I had no idea one was coming to me). I cracked it open this morning, with my coffee, and was delighted by the first line: “Committed, creative people can change the world (in fact, they’re the only ones who do).” I’ve often shared articles, been compelled to create programs and whenever I get the chance (like now), go off on how essential creative expression is to the fabric of our society, our personal well being and to how we show up, contribute and give back. Now what and so what? For starters, we’re in the midst of the holidays so buy from local makers and creators. ‘Tis the season to give so find workshops, classes and teachers and give your loved ones experiences they will always remember. And finally, do something nourishing for yourself. Make Christmas cards, or sprinkle glitter (mica, of course) on everything or sing carols at the top of your lungs even if you’re by yourself and your dog is judgy. Find something…some form of creative self expression and use it! We need it. 🏻 …#artistpov #creativeexpression #sethgodin #altmba #selfexpression #problemsolving #designthinking #tedxtalks #shopsmall #buylocal #footprintsonthemoon #grateful #artform #morningthoughts #coffeinbed #dailyinspiration #qotd #mydogisajudgyjudger