My morning view… Here is what you don't see (a good reminder that social media only tells part of the story): having my feet licked by a dog at 5 am (I'm farm sitting for my folks while they're in Scotland); three dogs going ballistic when a coyote strolled past the bedroom at 6 am; stepping on a slug to let the dogs out for a wee at 7 am. I've been here a week and have a week to go. These three dogs are like wrestling toddlers hyped up on sugar…and one of them is Bear. The other two are Maggie and Charlie, my parents Viszlas (aka highly sensitive dogs). For the most part they're good doggies until they're pawing in the middle of the night to get under the covers or they roll in wild animal poo or they decide a strange noise is some threat and they raise an ear splitting teeth shattering alarm. Bear is quickly learning some new dog tricks. 😬Don't get me wrong. I am enjoying my time here picking berries, surrounded by acres of gorgeous Oregon woods. Just a wee bit 🦀 this morning. The coffee isn't doing its usual trick. In other news my folks are thoroughly enjoying their time in Scotland. Today they're on Skye. My da wrote and said Skye Red is a fantastic beer and he's just ogling all the sites and soaking up the history and stories. #viszlas #schipperke #oregon #farming #scotland #skyered